Oz, my youngest who has IBD, has been struck by the nastiest bout of gastroenteritis. It started on Sunday with anorexia, extreme lethargy and vomiting all day long. Off to visit the emergency vets who gave him some subq fluids, anti-nausea meds and sent him home. Blood work was all fine. Monday - still no eating anything and the lethargy continued so off to our regular vet who took an x-ray which showed some inflammation of the intestinal walls, but no obstruction of any kind. Some more subq fluids and some metronidazole. Tuesday, still no eating and just so lethargic, so off to his internist for an ultrasound. He had lost one pound by this time! And he's a skinny boy to begin with. Ultrasound showed thickening of the intestinal walls consistent with IBD, so his internist was thinking either an extreme flare-up of IBD or basically a bad stomach bug. He was kept in the ICU overnight on IV fluids and antibiotics.

They finally tried to feed him today around noon and he was so hungry he tried to eat their fingers! So far he has kept down two meals. If he keeps down breakfast tomorrow, I can bring him home!!!!

Since he's had no vomiting since eating, the prevailing thought now is that he had a really bad bout of gastroenteritis. Where he got it, I have no idea. I had no idea either that dogs could get what is basically a really bad stomach flu. I'm just so thankful that that seems to be all it is. Hopefully all goes well tonight and he can come home tomorrow. Even though I have three other cavaliers, he is my little pistol and the house is quiet and lonely without him.