Our 4 and a half month tri girl Velvet will go outside to potty if our slider is open if it's closed she won't wait one second she pees right in front of it . We have a doggy door that my other 3 cavs ,(2 seniors and 7 month old ) and she will go out and play with the other dogs but won't go out there to potty ?? They are only 15 feet away from each other and i need her to go out the doggy door, I can't keep leavin my slider open all day. I'm crate trainer her at night which I hate but have to or else she jumps off my bed and goes potty on the floor. Any ideas ?? We love her to death but cleaning up after her all day long is no fun. I have n
been very lucky with my other dogs they were so easy to train, luckily the aren't following our new girls bad habits ! Thanks for any info or ideas