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Thread: Watch out for those flying carrots and doggy psychology!

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    Default Watch out for those flying carrots and doggy psychology!

    My wife likes to cut up carrots each morning as part of her work lunch. As she does this, she periodically tosses a small chunk of carrot over her shoulder so it lands several feet across the kitchen. Abby of course thinks this is a GREAT idea... The psychology part of the whole deal is that my wife does not want Abby to think that she is tossing those carrot bits just for her, that it is all by accident, so therefore Abby will not be begging for carrots.... Regardless of what's going through Abby's mind while chomping down on those carrot bits, it's fun to watch.

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    Mine all love carrots -- the cavaliers as well as the two pyreneans! (Great Pyrenees). I like your stealth approach -- though there are far worse things a dog could be begging for! lol But having Abby think carrots are a treasured secret treat is a real positive
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