Maggie and i LOVE the beach..i mean a lot.

we go to this one perticular beach called island view. its always full of lots of dogs..and we sometimes see the same dogs every time we go.
maggie loves attention from people ...she things dogs are okay but people are her favorite.. lol

So yesterday we went to the beach...and the parking lot was full of horse trailers.
the horses come to the beach eveyr now and then.i think its cool photography wise especaillly..but just to watch them...however...its not cool fo several reasons as well. and yesterday was one of those not so cool days.

These horeses crap all over the beach..the dogs were all running for it...rolling in it..eating it...
the horses were racing up and down the beach..the dogs were in the way...and it just wasnt a good dispaointed most of th dogs and owners left the beach.

island view isnt exactly close to our house and if im going to go all the way out there...i dont wanna be there for 5 minutes...or 10 minutes .. its gotta be a good trip.

so i decided to head just a bit farther out to this small (mostly deserted) beach i found by accident. i like it beacuse theres lots of sandstone which i love.
i was climbing up some (maggie didnt like this) when i found a starfish.

starfish are not as common down island as they are up in tofino area.
it was dead...but still looked really cool. ig ot some photos with maggie ..and decided to take it home with me to try and dry out.
i remember stories from relitives of them throwing them up on the roof of their carport and the awful smell...but that was before the days of google.

there were several ways to take care of drying out is to soak in alchol for 24 hours, and dry in the sun for a few days.
alchol was easy..i happened to have a full bottle i bought half a year ago to clean my couch (i never ended up doing this ) but the drying winter...not so easy.
someone on google suggested trying the oven.. others said it smelled some said it didnt....i thought id give it a try tonight
im about 3/4ths the way through the time they suggested..and so far no smell.
stilll really nervous.

i remember being young in tofino and seeing a sea star in dry sand..and wishing i had picked it up and taken it home...was mad at myself for not (so much that i remember it ot this day) but i know for a fact we wouldn't of done it right..haha.

"we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun, but the stars we could reach were just starfish on the beach"