It dosn't snow here that often.
the news annoucned snow all weekend. Great. bring it on...i need to learn to love snow if im going to move out east.
well the snow in my area was ...a dusting. i wanted SNOW pics!
so maggie and i went out trecking...grabbed her and my car...we found the snow.

maggies first time in REAL snow. oh my god she had so much fun. she ran around..rolled in it. burried her face in it..had so much fun. it was so cool to see.
she even put up with me driving around (getting lost and loving it) and looking for photo ops.

we found an AMAZING forest road...deserted for hte most part..covered in snow. we were told the view from the top was amazing...and walked aways down.
she was having fun.
i was having fun.

then she started getting at her legs...i notcied she was covered in snowballs.
and so ended our adventure.
we turned arounda nd headed for the car

someone passing by said the same thign happend to their dog..and when they got home she gave her a warm bath to melt the snow balls.

is this the correct thing to do? I did it for her..she seemed not to midn so much.. just wondering what all you snow dwellers do?