This is my first time on this forum and I'm very grateful to have found it. I am currently a medical student in Europe and chose to purchase a cavalier for their adaptability to different life styles and for their sweet and loving disposition, but also well aware of the two principal risks in this breed. I did my research, spoke to several reputable breeders and found my darling Isolde.

Nevertheless, the predominance of SM in this breed has made me extremely wary of Isolde's symptoms, and I feel as though I'm concentrating more on whether she is exhibiting signs of SM, rather than enjoying her young baby days. She is just over four months old, here are the symptoms I've observed:

*scratching on one side of her ear
*fly swatting/nipping
*air scratching while walking
*shaking her body as if wet, but she's completely dry -> occurred the first time yesterday under supervision
*yelping and looking down towards her tail

These symptoms are not common, I don't see all of them in one day, but a few one day, maybe none the other. It just depends, but if needed I can record dates and times of symptoms.

I haven't slept many nights lately. I have scheduled a vet checkup in two weeks, but here are my following questions:

*if she has SM, and it is progressive, what treatment options does she have?
*how long will her life expectancy be?
*how could I improve her quality in life?

She is my first dog that I have owned by myself. I've grown up with other breeds, but Isolde is my first puppy. I have heard such wonderful things of the breed and I don't regret ever bringing her home despite the risks. She and my cat are my home's living soul and I don't know know what would happen if I lost her before her time. If you could add some input and help me, I'd appreciate it so much.

Kind regards,