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Thread: Naturally short hair?

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    Default Naturally short hair?

    I've been taking my younger two to ringcraft occasionally, with the idea of showing one/both of them some time in the near future. Drake (boy) has grown his mane and right now, at almost a year old, looks almost bedraggled as he goes through what I suppose you could call "the fluffs." I'm expecting the somewhat flyaway look to smooth out as his hair grows and gains more weight, but I've looked for lots of pictures of "yearling" cavaliers and am yet to find one quite like Darwin (girl).

    So, a couple of photo links:,xCxjqtl#0,xCxjqtl#1

    I'm not going to be upset if she isn't "show worthy" as such, but the fact she's so lean and hairless is concerning me a bit. Shouldn't she be... well, hairier by now? She's muscular, has TONS of energy (indeed, apologies for the image quality but trying to get her to keep still is like trying to stop the tide) and eats like a horse. A Clydesdale horse! Yet she's tall and slim. She's never been trimmed at all, and has been through one season during which she moulted a bit but not excessively, and that was back in October/November.

    Any thoughts?

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    That doesn't look too unusual to me for a one year old cavalier, as far as her coat goes. It's a good idea to find a mentor for showing and thus have someone familiar with cavaliers that can give you an assessment. The most important thing is of course whether she is fit and healthy for her size and weight and sounds like she is.
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    I agree. Mine turned 4 yesterday so I was looking at all her photos since 3 days of age. That first year she had the same hair as yours - albeit a black and tan. It was a great trip down memory lane.


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