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    Default Orijen vs. Nutrisource

    Hi all. I am having a bit of an issue. I am not a health nut for myself by any means, but when it comes to my two boys, I can't get them on things that are healthy enough. I am unable to do a raw, home-prepared diet for my two 5 month old babies, having read that that is the best diet for Cav's to be done. I had switched them from Science Diet dry kibble to Nutrisource Puppy small dry kibble after adoption because I am NOT a fan of Science Diet, which the breeder was feeding. That transition went perfectly. I then started mixing Merrick canned Puppy Plate with the Nutrisource for added moisture, and because I had found that Merrick was as close to the raw as you could get. That transition went exceptionally well, too.
    The last month, I have wanted to switch them to Orijen dry kibble mixed with Merrick canned Puppy Plate. I have been mixing the Merrick canned with the Nutrisource for over a month with no issues, they love it! However, the last two weeks my boys have had the worst runny stools. (And when I say runny stools, I mean it is literally spraying out of the poor babies. I've never seen anything like it.)
    I know it must be the Orijen. I had talked with my pet nutritionist at our health food store before starting the Orijen, and she told me to go very slow because it's a very rich food and can cause diarrhea, however I have still for the last two weeks only been sprinkling a few kibbles of the Orijen on their normal food.
    Does anyone have any advice on this? I am paranoid about their health and loved the idea of putting them on Orijen, but if it's going to be too hard on their tummies and digestive track, I must find another alternative.
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