Hello everyone,

My beloved little Cavi, Leo is just over 18 months old as has had LPs in both legs for about 8 months. It has gotten worse and worse but I think it is definitely now time to have surgery.

Here he is rocking cool shades:

Two months ago in NYC the vet confirmed this and said he has some thickening of the bone which is very worrying and he estimates them to be:

Right leg - grade 2/3
Left - 3/4

I am looking online for a Vet in Chicago where I now live (originally from Blighty). I have found one that speciailzes in English Bulldogs and I have found success stories of him performing LP surgeries on the breed in forums etc.

Dr Navin - http://allpetsltd.com

He doesn't appear to be Board Certified, however. I am finding difficulty in locating Board certified surgeons in the Chicagoland area though.

I believe that Dr Navin has performed a great number of LP surgeries so I think he must be competent at the procedure. Does it make a substantial difference if these were mostly on English Bulldogs and not Cavaliers?

I have got a few estimates from various Vets and the prices have ranged significantly:

$700 to $300 per leg.

Dr Navin's office quoted $1000-1800 which is in my budget range. The $3000 quote came from http://www.vcahospitals.com/aurora and it's out of my means ($2k per leg I can stretch to).

Any advice whatsoever would be much appreciated.

Thank you kindly