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Thread: Fur easily pulled out of his stop

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    Default Fur easily pulled out of his stop

    Hello, I'm Corwin's mom, Melissa. We're new to the forum and think that Cavvies are the best dogs in the world!

    I am concerned about fur that pulls out very easily from his stop...above his muzzle. Just noticed it tonight after his bath. The fur rubs off and pulling it is like pulling dandelion seeds...dark at the tips. I'm afraid that he'll be bald there soon. I'm taking him to the vet on Monday, but wondered if any of you had experienced something like this and how you solved it. Thanks!

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    We might have had a similar problem with Skippy. See my thread here from a while ago.

    It turned out to be a fungal infection. I bought this product and it seemed to fix the issue within a week.

    Good luck!


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