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A difficult one. I had serious issues with my vet (who happens to be the only one on the island where I live) concerning his views on boostering of vaccinations. I found I was getting really stressed out about the problem, particularly as one of my cavaliers Dillon adores said vet.....I found that when in the surgery with all its noise and goings on, I simply could not engage my brain in the way I wanted to. So I went home and emailed my vet about the issues which troubled me. As it happened, I got a good outcome; my point in telling about this is, yes, I think you should outline again your concerns, but put it in writing, thereby making it arguably more 'serious' and steer clear of the telephone. You should expect a response - if you aren't happy, then move vets. That way you have tried all that is possible. I wish you and Rebel lots of best wishes. Katerina
Thank you Katarina. That is such a sensible suggestion about putting my concerns in writing. I will sit down over the weekend to type up something concise but suitable and hope that the vet takes notice of what I say.