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Thread: Stones in the bladder and urethra

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    Default Stones in the bladder and urethra

    Hi everyone

    our poor Nickey, 6 years old, had to undergo a surgery a few days ago to get several little stones removed from his bladder and urethra; a few days before I had noticed that it took him longer to pee but there was no blood in his pee; we went to the vet and he saw these stones through X rays.
    He is recovering well and we are waiting for the result of the check of the stones, but can't stop wondering how it has been possible, since he eats raw meat and bread, no vegetables , due to his recurrent colitis;
    has anyone experienced this?
    Thank you
    Chiara from Italy
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    Oliver has had stones in his bladder and urethra and has also had surgery for them (last year). Like Nickey, he did really well. We discovered them when he had his hips x-rayed for arthritis. Oliver wasn't on a special diet though like Nickey so I can't offer any advice about that unfortunately. Since then, he has continued to form small stones so I have had to keep him on a special diet that I dislike - it is the Hill's C/D Urinary Health Diet kibble and he is also on CitraVet pills twice a day. They are potassium citrate tabs for dogs prone to developing calcium oxalate stones. With the pills, he urinates fine. He is now almost 13 and 1/2 years old.

    I hope Nickey continues to do well and that you can discover why. Some dogs are just prone to developing stones I think. If you can find out what kind of stones they were, that would help you determine what dietary changes you may need to make and if medication may help. They sent Oliver's stones off to a lab for testing. Check with your vet about that. Good luck.
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