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Thread: Fly Catching/OCD behavior separate condition

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    Default Fly Catching/OCD behavior separate condition

    I posted this under other instead of CM/SM because I am asking about my experience with Elton who I didn't want to bring up there. I was thinking of asking about this even before I read a recent post here because it was brought up recently. I know that it is said that fly catching "can" be associated with CM/SM and it is a neurological condition but Elton's neurologist mentioned there are different views.

    Elton's OCD behavior has improved with diet and with the help of a holistic vet. His fly catching wasn't often enough to warrant medication. I know at first I felt his scratching, paw licking, fly catching, tail chasing, could be listed as symptoms of CM/and or SM but is there any research that they are related. It is so hard because I had one cavalier that I was told allergies, ear infection etc. but had severe CM/SM and another that really has allergies. Seeing him improve and knowing that he is one that symptoms are not due to CM/SM makes me wonder how one can determine that there is something else along with CM/SM? I am mainly asking or posting because I know with Ella, I thought everything was because of her SM. If she was not vomiting from an obstruction (which is not any symptom of SM) but showed pain signs I know I would not seek there may be something else going on.

    Just wanted to see if anything has been found to show relation or if those that due have fly catching etc. are treated separately. Elton's neurologist said the he only recommends medication for fly catching if it hinders their life because the drugs are for seizures and are quite strong. I am not looking to put Elton on medication because he is doing great but just wanted any thoughts.
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    Oz also has OCD but a little differently that Elton. He licks incessantly. I took him to a behaviorist who suggested that in addition to behavior therapy that we look for a GI cause. Turns out he has inflammatory bowel disease. After three years of trying to treat it with different meds, diets, and with the help of a holistic vet, turns out that the best food for him is Hill's Prescription Diet - one I would never ordinarily give him, but it is the only food that does not give him gas, does not give him a rumbly tummy all day long, and does not make him belch all day long. That, in addition to metoclompramide three times a day and Clomicalm (clomipramide) has made him a different and happier dog. His anxieties have eased and he licks less than half of what he used to. Once we got his tummy sorted out we added the Clomicalm and it worked. We had tried before, but I think his tummy was too upset. The Clomicalm is an anti-anxiety med but he is not a zombie on it. He still has energy, he's just more relaxed. But for him the key was quieting his tummy first, then the Clomicalm could do what it is supposed to.

    By the way, Oz also does not have SM- he does have mild CM. Maybe Clomicalm would help Elton.
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