Elizabeth was diagnosed with MVD earlier this year and up until about 2 months ago was doing great. She went through a bad spell which resulted to an emerg vet visit, a frusimide injection and an up page on her meds. We thought we had lost her but luckiy she pulled through
She is currently on vetmedin, fortekur, prilactone and frusimide. She has been doing great until today she has just fainted!
i am really shook up and i imagine she is too! She went outside then suddenly fainted. Yelping on the floor and wee'd herself i know its hot weather (24 degrees ish) but how can i help prevent this! I've put a fan on the floor next to her bed just now, an extra bowl of water and i get her clipped on a reg basis. I've also jst given her an extra frusimide and fed her extra to up her energy levels. She seems ok now but seemed fine before she fainted. She was excited at the time as my partner had just walked through the door. After fairing she got up, stumbled a little then generally seemed ok.
can anyone help or offer advice, i know she is a ticking time bomb but i dont want her suffering, this has never happened before!?