Well, another one of my bunch has been tentatively diagnosed with SM based on a neurological exam. I had been expecting it and oddly enough, I'm relieved to have him on gabapentin now and not distressed to have the tentative diagnosis. Oz scratches more than my other three combined and yelps whenever anyone touches him around his neck and ears. During his neuro exam, he exhibited pretty significant neck pain. Based on his symptoms and the exam, we're trialing gabapentin and omeprazole for two weeks and then following up with the neuro. I really have no doubt though that he'll be better.

When Riley was diagnosed I was devastated. I thought she was ready to die. Six years later, she's still around and doing great, so that's helped with my attitude toward Oz's diagnosis. We'll make it through this and I know whatever comes down the road, however severe it gets, we'll handle it. This also will be a different experience for me going the medication management route vs surgery. Although I'm certain that surgery prolonged Riley's life and definitely gave her a better quality of life, I certainly didn't want to repeat that one!