Well, the day has finally come when Leo is ready for heart meds for his MVD. He's had a cough for a bit now, and for some reason also seems to have problems keeping down any dry food meals (wet food is OK). My vet feels perhaps it is the pressure of an enlarged heart pushing against internal organs. He was at the cardiologist about 5 months ago and got a fairly good checkup in that he was surprised Leo hadn't advanced a lot more in the couple of years since he was diagnosed with a grade 3. At that point he was up to a grade 4 but now he has moved to a grade 5. So he's on generic fortekor and a low dose of frusemide.

Sigh. It's always sad when it's time for the MVD meds, a day we always all hope won't come.

Like many cavaliers he was put initially on frusemide 8 years ago when he started meds for his SM and tended to pee himself for quite a while. I took hi off it in part for that reason, but also it is no longer recommended for SM by Clare Rusbridge... anyway, sure enough he wet the bench where he sits this morning even though I had him out a few times -- so we'll have some adjustments to make to get this to work right! Right now he's on the sofa, but on a dog blanket on top of a plastic trash bag as a liner, just in case.

It's funny, my foster gal Libby, who's on twice the amount of frusemide, could go ages without needing to go out and has total self control. I'll tell her to have a word with Leo, I think.