Hi all,

So, I recently got my Lucy back (she'd been staying with my parents because I moved to a place that it turned out wasn't good for her- the landlord was untruthful about her joining the house- long story, not important right now). I am thrilled, but I'm ashamed to say I really messed up. My room is not carpeted, and my bed, while not overly high, is just high enough that she can land quite hard jumping down from it. I'd been thinking to myself 'I should get some stairs for her, or a ramp' but I looked all over and the reviews were just so conflicting, so I was completely unsure as to what to get.

Well, I put it off too long and- about 20 minutes ago, Lucy jumped off my bed- aand started to limp. We're off to the vet (if they ever answer their phone) but I'm sure you all can understand why I'm making getting her some steps or Something is my main priority now (after getting her seen to, of course!). I live in the United States, so I know that's pretty limiting as far as availability of products a lot of you can recommend, but I'm hoping that you can tell me what you've bought for your Cavs.

Another thing is, I don't have $100 to spend on a set of stairs right now- as my disposable income will be going to this vet visit, so anything you can recommend under, say, $75 would be amazing. If it's more than that, I'd love to see it anyway.

I hope to hear some recommendations, and keep your fingers crossed that my baby isn't seriously hurt by my stupid mistake...

(Also, I know there's a post on this but it's from 2010, and a lot of the links don't work so I'm hoping to get some recommendations from more recent purchases)