I've never felt the need to post on a Cavalier forum, but now I feel myself needing to ask advice from fellow owners.

Out Cavalier, Bobby, is 10 years old and has had a medium grade murmur for the last 4 years, but no outward symptoms of CHF/MVD. Following a short bout of diarrhoea and vomiting last week he has had much laboured breathing over the weekend, even when asleep, and has been very restless. He's eating fine, and no coughing, just lethargic and not wanting to go upstairs.

Took ok to the vet today and X ray shows chest cavity filled with fluid - suspected pleural effusions. Blood work shows very low total protein and albumin - total protein at 28 when lower end of reference range is about 55. The vet says it's very serious and a matter of days or weeks, rather than months left. We are distraught.

We we take Bobby back in the morning for bile acid test to check for liver function, and for urinalysis and ultrasound. Vet doesn't feel it's MVD/CHF related and his murmur still reasonable, though might be masked by the volume of fluid.

So it's a tumour somewhere, or his liver I guess. Anyone with suitable experience please?