Hi everybody!
We are moving back to US this month and I'm trying to figure out the best option for our Dashy. She is 8 months old, rather big, 5.5 kg already. She is very active and doesn't like to be in the cage. We will fly Prague - Frankfurt, Frankfurt - Dulles. If we talking about my previous doggy, I wouldn't have too much concern as she was much calmer and I would take her with me in the cabin. With Dashy....not so sure. Also, I hade a surgery recently and I can't carry anything heavy. Also, I've never traveled with a dog in the cabin before.
What is your experience and what would you recommend? On the cabin, but she would be in small cage, not so much space left and then she would see me, but I won't be able to take her out. Or just put her in cargo?
This is really frustrating and I appreciate any input.