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Thread: "Magic Coat" comb by Four Paws

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    Default "Magic Coat" comb by Four Paws


    Has anyone tried the "Magic Coat Pro de-Matting tool" as a preventative measure on their cavs? It claims to take out the dead under coat, preventing mats and also helping to get rid of them when they occur. Pippa has very fine hair, so even with daily brushing she gets matted in her armpits. Further more if I use her harness she gets matted where it goes on her belly (very frustrating).

    She's also been getting pretty warm with the hotter weather, and though I don't really want to get her clipped (unless I have to) I'm assuming having some of her undercoat gone will make her a little cooler.

    The comb:

    Pippa sporting her "beach hair"

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    I prefer a carding knife to remove dead hair from my cavvie. There is a video clip of this procedure by two internationally known competitive stylists, and now international judges.Go to:, once there click on "DVD", then a drop down menu will appear - click/select "drop coated breeds and another menu appears, at the bottom of that menu select Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. When that page opens you will see an option to view a partial clip from the DVD. Please note the two groomers are from different part of the US. Hence, there is a southern accent and a New England accent in the DVD. Can be confusing!

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    We use the Mars Coat King and/or Furminator tools, different things work better on different coats, so it's really trial and error, but you do need to remove the dead hair regularly and that will help to keep them cooler.
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