Hullo again~

I was hoping that some of y'all will be able to help me with some newbie enquiries?
Basically I have been in contact with a lovely Cavalier hobby breeder who is wanting to rehome one of her dogs. He is 2 and a half years old, neutered and was originally intended to be used for breeding but he isn't "excellent" enough for her to breed him so she needs to find him a forever home as a normal pet instead.

I know that Cavalier breeders shouldn't even consider breeding their dogs until they've had that 2-2.5 year health test so that sounds good to me.
This is what she specifically told me:
"He did not test well enough to breed from. That said he has a fantastic pass for eyes, heart and EF,DY,CC. I am a breeder and will only breed from the very best, any thing else I have neutered and find suitable pet homes for them."
Now this sounds fine to me and I will be talking to her soon to find out more information about his health, temperament, etc. but in the meantime I'm researching like crazy and I was wondering if anyone knows if there sounds like there are any problems here? Specifically that he passes well but not well enough for breeding which is perfect for me as I would've had him neutered anyway, but does it sound like he'd have any specific health problems due to not being breed-quality if you know what I mean? (Other than the general breed health issues.)
Also I am totally oblivious to what EF, DY and CC are! Hurhur.
She's letting us have him on a trial basis (my idea) for 2-3 weeks to begin with to see how he gets on in our home and if all goes well we'll take him on permanently.

Also I was wondering roughly how much y'all feed your dogs every day? We were thinking of feeding whatever the breeder feeds but then slowly switching onto the Royal Canin Cavalier specific food, and I've read that they typically need 80-100g a day? So I was thinking of feeding 40-50g twice a day, morning and evening, to avoid any feeding conflicts with our cats that get fed twice a day.
Does this sound right?

Thanks so much in advance, all advice is totally appreciated!

P.S. On the offchance that this breeder actually uses this forum, I apologise for my impatience! XD