Charlie is almost 2 years old. Recently he's been having head twitches, rubbing his face on the carpet, showing pain around his shoulders and hind legs, moving around in his bed like he can't get comfortable, hiding under beds and tables, scratching neck, laying on cold floors, scratching at pillows and blankets, and then all of a sudden last night he started screaming and yelping like he was in complete agony out of nowhere! There was no indication of where the pain could be coming from. We rushed him to the Emergency Vet Hospital at 2:30am and the vet basically told us that she believes he may have hurt himself while jumping off the bed or going down the steps. She gave him an injection for the pain and sent us home with Tramadol/Hydrochloride 50mgs. Said to give him 1/2 tablet ever 8-12 hours for pain control. I don't think it's his back that hurts bc he plays, runs, jumps, and whips his toys back and forth without showing ANY signs of pain.

Please help me! I'm desperate for any information I can get regarding the next steps I should take. I want to schedule an MRI immediately. Right now we are temporarily living in Las Vegas. Are there any recommendations of certain doctors I should see, or hospitals I should go to? Charlie is like a child to me and I just want to get him the best help I can. I've read that early detection is best, so I really want to get him an MRI ASAP. Any other recommendations is to what I should do next?? Please help me! Any bit of advice is greatly appreciated.

Worried sick,