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Thank you for the suggestions. We have a puppy playpen and our breeder suggested we place the puppy in her carrier in the playpen at night. The playpen is not in our room though. It sits in a family room where we spend the majority of our time. We do want her to sleep in her crate at night. That's what we will try, next to our bed, and keep our fingers crossed. We expect some whining, etc for a while. Our breeder says she sleeps through the night but this transition will be new and strange for her.

Honestly, first one or two nights she might be crying a little , but I bet she settles in quickly. If you want her to ultimately sleep in the crate in the family room, I would start her there, but she might cry for a bit more (and louder) than if she were in the room with you.

My dogs go into my bedroom (upstairs) and their crates only at night. During the daytime, they are downstairs and pretty much have free reign. I do keep one crate available and open, downstairs for Sadie, who sometimes wants her own space and privacy. When she has had enough of things, she will go to her crate/carrier and sleep.

I firmly believe in utilizing the crate at bedtime for many reasons. The most important to me --- in the event of fire, you know exactly where your dog is.

Good luck with her -- can't wait to see pictures.