Two weeks ago today we lost our darling girl, Ruby. She had been doing so well despite MVD, dry eyes & SM and although she was just a tiny girl she was such a tough cookie & happy to bobble along ruling the roost. So it was a normal day, with plenty of kisses & tummy tickles before we went out on our normal walk, end of the street, into the woods but as we got to the 1st "green" she laid down, I said "come on sausage" and it was the way she looked up at me & I just knew so I scooped her up into my arms, where she took approx. 3 or 4 breaths and she was gone. It was I know the very best way for my baby to go, in the sunshine in my arms with Jelly by her side, God bless her.She looked so very very beautiful(and cute) and now she can rest, peacefully

I miss her so terribly(words cant describe how much) and haven't been able to post this here till now as then it is real, I keep expecting her to come toddling round the side of the sofa or tippy tapping into the bathroom with her usual look of oh there you are, and I'm left with all of the if onlys and what ifs, I should have carried her along the street, I should have cooked her a sunday dinner for her last meal and hundreds more maybes. Quite normal shock & grief I'm sure but please give all of your little ones an extra kiss and loves because when that moment comes there will never have been enough

Margaret C, I know I haven't been in touch for quite some time but my plan was always to pass Rubes onto you as you know, I'm so sorry, it was so sudden & I went into shock but I feel ive let you all down too, sorry.