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Thread: Crate training and bedtime

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    Hi, I am picking up an 8 week old puppy tomorrow. I have done lots of research on getting and training a new puppy but there is quite a bit of conflicting advice. My main issue is what to do for the best at bedtime. We want to crate train the puppy and want his bedtime to be downstairs, however some advice is to have the puppy in the bedroom at first to relieve his fears. I dont mind doing this but will I then be able to put him downstairs at night once he has settled in? or is it just best to leave him on his own downstairs from the start? I dont want to do the wrong thing, please help

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    Sophie had to sleep in her crate -in our bedroom and next to my side of the bed(!)- when she was a small puppy. Otherwise, there were all sorts of separation anxiety. It was the only way she would not bark and allowed us to sleep at night. She had major separation anxiety as a pup, but we got through it.

    After a few months, we put her into the crate in the kitchen for bedtime. (we had a crate in each room) I don't remember any rebellion when she was put to bed in there. I think she was used to it by then, because she was placed there during the day when we had to go out. Of course, she always got a treat for going into her crate. During winter, I drape polar fleece over the crate to 1) keep her warm from drafts and 2) make it cozy. Going into winter, you might want to try this, but use an old sheet for now. I also learned that completely draping the crate, so she cannot see out, somehow prevented the mad barking, until she learned to stay quiet.

    Sophie slept happily crated, in the kitchen, for a couple of years. A couple years later, we brought the crate into our room again because WE wanted it, and leave the crate door open at night. She loved being allowed to sleep in our room again and still doesn't leave our room until we get up in the morning. Dogs are so funny/interesting. Our previous dog (a Shih Tzu) never ever slept in our room at night, by his own choice. He was quite independent.


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