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Thread: potty training regression??

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    Hi Joyce,
    Yes, a urinalysis was done and it determined she didn't have a UTI. There was no bacteria, red blood cells, or white blood cells present.

    It seems so strange that she just peed on those mats and blanket--and each time was shortly after she had peed outside. The mats and blanket on the sofa weren't new to her, nor were they in rooms that were new to her.

    I don't expect her to be reliable at 6.5 mos., but those instances seemed so specific, for lack of a better word. And they happened within 30 min of her peeing outside. Plus, with her acting like she didn't feel well...

    I'm going to see how she does over the next couple days and if she has another accident, I'll go back to the beginning with housetraining.

    Thanks again!
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    It's good that you are able to rule out UTI and know she is not suffering, but being a naughty puppy instead. Back to Potty Training 101!

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    Glad it's not a UTI. Fingers crossed for no more accidents.
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