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Thread: Getting along with the cat (and litter box issues)

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    Default Getting along with the cat (and litter box issues)

    So we've had Lucky about 2 months now and he and the cat aren't best buds yet. Sometimes they seem to get along ok - she was so gentle to him when he came home from the vets after being neutered. But he's a puppy and wants to play and she is a cat - she'll play on her terms and for however long she likes. So he likes to follow her around, which turns into chasing her. And then when he finally gets distracted, she stalks up behind and chases him! And then she wants to call it quits and gets cornered and hisses/smacks at him cause he won't leave her alone and we're not sure if any of it is fun for her though he sure thinks it's a great game.

    I asked the lady teaching our obedience class and she suggested using a water bottle to redirect either animal when we catch either one of them staring at the other. It works a tiny bit but Lucky doesn't really care about getting squirted so if we are even slightly late to redirect, it's too late and they are chasing each other. I've watched so many videos about getting a dog & cat to get along and I'm just not sure if it will be possible, at least not until he mellows down a bit. Any advice?

    The other problem we are having is he keeps trying to get to the litter box and eating her poo (we have to watch him outside, too - he eats wood chips, pine-needles and deer poo if we let him). I bought a basic baby-gate at Walmart - it's 23" high - and that worked okay but yesterday the dog went and jumped it! So I scooted it up the wall an inch or so but I'm not sure if that will work. Any higher and the silly dog lays on his side and works his way underneath! And too much higher and the cat may have trouble getting over. I was planning to install a cat-hole but when we discovered he could slide underneath a 3-inch gap, I reconsidered as I'm afraid he might fit through. Will he be able to fit through a 5.75"W x 7"H archway when he is full-grown? The only other thing I can think to try is getting a covered litter-box and hoping the cat will use it. Suggestions?

    A temporary truce - Cali was sleeping and my daughter put Lucky next to her. They lay like that for a few minutes before both of them moved. She looks sleepy, just waking up, while he looks nervous to me - lol
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