Our annual Cavalier Matters/Rupert's Fund photo competition will be held in the Autumn. Obviously we would still like to produce a calendar, so If you would like your Cavalier photos to be considered for the calendar, please enter them in the appropriate photo album. The closing date has been extended to 9th August, hopefully you will have been taking photos of your Cavaliers enjoying the Summer weather and events!

It's free to enter, donations are always welcomed though!

Photographs for the 2016 Cavalier Matters calendar will be selected from the entries we receive and the calendar will be available through the gift shop http://www.cavalier-gift-shop.org/index.php

The photos will be chosen on the appeal of the photo rather than technical merit. The dog should be in focus, ideally on the eyes. Photos taken so that you are at the eye level of your dog rather than looking down at them are often more interesting.

Photos may be digitally enhanced.

Don't forget that landscape format photos work best on the calendar.
You will need to have a file of sufficient size, either in JPG or ZIP format, minimum size of 2mb, max 3mb. Photos taken on a mobile 'phone may not be of sufficient quality to reproduce on the calendar.

You must own the copyright to the photo ie it MUST have been taken by yourself, or a family member or friend - and entered with their permission. Professional photos [taken at pet shops, studios etc] are NOT eligible. By entering, you are giving us permission to use your photo in connection with the competition and for the calendar - you retain the copyright. We may contact you with regards to using your photo for other products for fundraising.

To submit an entry, post your photo on the Cavalier Matters fundraising page in the appropriate album or from your photo hosting site eg Flickr or Photobucket to the Cavalier Talk board to the appropriate thread.