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    Hi all, I am rarely on here lately but do pop on now and then and I am friends with a few of you on facebook....

    To those who don't know me, my first two cavaliers I have had since puppies. On 23rd Feb 2008, I was on here as usual and saw a post about an urgent foster needed for a 3 year old Cavalier at risk of being PTS. Karlin was running Irish Cavalier rescue at the time so I called her. As luck would have it he was with his owner still and they lived near me. I went round straight away and offered to take him the next morning. It turned out he was nearly 4yrs old. Four months younger than our youngest dog.

    I was only to take him for that night and then he was to move to another foster home. Things changed and I agreed to keep him for a few days, then a few weeks, then until a home was found for him. He wasn't like a regular Cavalier, he didn't like other dogs especially when he was on lead. That never changed! But he loved our two Cavaliers. He loved walks but was nervous on lead. After a lot of training which was ongoing for years he learned to relax and enjoys his walks. He had never been socialised as a puppy and could be snappy and heard to handle but the longer he spent with us the better he became. I fell in love with him and worried about how he would adjust to another new home and owner and also worried he would be passed from home to home as he needed a lot of time, training and attention. I only worked part-time and my children were all in their late teens so I could do it. He also loved our home and had really settled, so although we never planned it we decided to have a third Cavalier.

    He gave us 8 years and 9 months of love and affection. Keeping him was the best decision I ever made. He developed a murmur and MVD in 2013 very mild, no symptoms. He started showing symptoms last April and developed rapid onset CHF which progressed severely despite medication. I did everything I could to keep him free from pain and discomfort, but after he took a couple of bad turns, I could do no more for him...

    He left us peacefully and with dignity last Saturday with the help of our vet, in our home, on his favourite spot on the sofa, with his head on my knee as I spoke to him and and rubbed his head, my husband stroked his neck. We then laid him wrapped in a blanket on the rug and our other two dogs came in to say goodbye. We brought him to our vet clinic then for cremation and will have him back home with us soon, in a little treasure box, in which we will put his name tag and his photo on the front.

    He has left a major vacant space in our home and taken a huge piece of my heart with him. My darling ruby boy DJ, I will never forget you, you are forever in my heart and my memories. Thank you for making me a better person, enhancing my life, and making my home a better place. Pippin and Gus miss you too <3 xxx

    * I am not sure how to add pics but he is the ruby boy in my avatar and there are pics of him in my album in my profile. this was taken a few days after we got him.

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    I was so sorry to hear about lovely DJ.
    Ive been thinking of you all week. What a lovely tribute to DJ, I'm moved to tears.
    I'll email later for a catch up.
    Look after yourself and hugs as always to Pippin and Gus

    Mel xx
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    I am so sorry for your loss. DJ was much loved by your family and will certainly be very missed. Thank you for sharing his story with us.
    RIP sweet DJ
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    I'm so sorry to hear that you have lost DJ -- he was so well loved and cared for by you, even if that wasn't the plan (one night foster! ... That changed quickly...! ). I'd forgotten all you went through to get him into rescue, but it was sure a happy ending for everyone. Time passes too quickly in our lives with our dogs -- he was relatively young man when he went to you and it is a shock to realise what a grand old man he lived to be. I am so glad he gave so much to you, and you to him. Thank you so much for opening your heart and home to him. It is stories like this that make doing rescue work so rewarding. What a gentle and kind final time you had with him; what a lovely vet. My condolences to you all at such a difficult time.
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    I so sorry to read of DJ. The kindness and patience and love you showed him surely made him a very happy and content CKC, and while I know your heart is broken, I hope you find some comfort in knowing that his days were happy ones.


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