Hello Fellow Cavalier Lovers,

Its been a long time! So long I almost thought I forgot my login!!

So looking for a little advice, Lennon has been pooping in the house. I say its not been for that long but my partner (victor meldrew) says its been going on for ages. Keeps saying he knows what he is doing. He is being smart and disobedient. I beg to differ I know my baby boy and this is not him at all.

He is 11 now and to be fair I wondered of it behavioural. Thought acting up as he has had to stay at home and not the caravan where he loves, bit he has never been like that before. I don't make a fuss. He knows its wrong I yell him but don't overly scold. As he os frightened as my partner scolds him. Today unusually he pooped in the caravan. I was up at 8:45 he was asleep soundly 45mins later or so partner was up said to me he had pooped on sofa and carpet.

I didn't hear him pacing I do know he tries at times to wake us.

Has anyone had the same? I worry Neima seemed to get CD at 11 ish past away at 12 1/2

Many Thanks