Hello all,

My sweet 16 month old cavalier was diagnosed with hip dysplasia yesterday after a week of off/on limping on her back leg. X-rays confirmed that it was moderate/severe HD with arthritis already forming on the left hip. The vet said on a scale of 1-10, her HD is about at a 7.

I was floored - it was definitely not the diagnosis I wanted to hear. He got her started on some anti-inflammatory steroids to get swelling down. I was also given glucosamine supplements and omega-3 oil to add to her food. He wants to get started on these medications and see how her symptoms change. If they don't improve, surgery will be explored.

Looking back, she has always had a swaying gait and sat with one of her hind legs sticking to one side. These symptoms are more pronounced now and it seems uncomfortable for her to walk at times. I have a feeling that surgery may need to be explored sooner rather than later.

My question - has anyone had experience with HD surgery in their cavalier? I would love any connections or contacts that I could gather information from. It is so much more common in larger dogs, and that is largely what I am finding. I would love a cavalier perspective.