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Thread: Stage 5 heart murmur and fluid on the lungs

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    Thank you all for such kind and positive thoughts. Lady has been back at the vet yesterday and it would appear that the fluid has been cleared from her longs, the diuretics must have done the trick. Her resting breath rate has not come down from 44 per minute but I'm hoping we can get that under control also. Right now she is in good spirits and the excessive panting only seems to happen at night.

    I'm going to continue wit the regimen of meds that she was prescribed and hope for the best. I feel like I'm dealing with the situation better now, the initial shock has subsided but I know of course that if she takes a then for the worst the fear will return and then some. 😓

    The vet that I saw today was not the one I usually go to as he was away but I appreciated the new perspective (4th vet she has been in 3 weeks). He said that although her heart was in a bad way, once her quality of life was good, there was no reason why she should not be wit me for another year or two, he said he has seen it wit cavaliers in the past. I was delighted and I must say I am really holding onto that thought.

    So as of today everything is good and she is responding to meds. Thank u all for your kind wishes and positive energy. ❤️❤️ I will update wit any changes.

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    So glad Lady is a bit better and lungs clear. Long may it last!

    Kate and Ruby


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