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Thread: Toby my boy with m v d , s m , dry eye , c h , and very bad disc in his spine

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    Default Toby my boy with m v d , s m , dry eye , c h , and very bad disc in his spine

    Hi I have posted before but I think it was in the wrong box , I thought I would lose my boy last year , he had a lump on his Tracea , they gave him 4 weeks of antibiotics and it seemed to go , he was booked for an ultra sound , the results of that we're really bad, his poor spine was really damaged it must of been when he was a breeding dog living in a cage . We found out he had sm ch , mvd , my poor lad is on so much medication , I have had great advice here and I am grateful , but yesterday he had a bad turn he has been on borrowed time since Christmas , his tummy is large fluid like more on one side , he had a cough only a little one but he was struggling to breath, I went and helped him open his mount hit was tight shut, he walks so much slower now he loves his food , he gets so upset about waiting for his tea bella just sits and looks at him, I took him to bed with me last night I had the fan on comfy cushion but he could not settle, my heart does not know what to do , my vet is fine but we went a few weeks ago and she said he was too fat his rib cage is wider he only has a small amount of for 3 times a day , medication lots and lots my vet has told me she can do no more for him he is on all the medication he can have . I sit and look at him when he is on my knee on his back his tail wagging his toys why do these poor babies have to suffer . I need help please

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    Gaynor, so sorry I wasn't in when you phoned - with the weather a bit cooler Ruby and I went for a longer walk this afternoon, and then I had a meeting at church in the evening. But I've got your mobile number from my answer machine, so I'll phone you tomorrow morning if that's OK. Hang in there - both you and Toby.


    Kate and Ruby


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