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    Default Bird Hunting

    Having seen a couple videos on Youtube it looks like some people have trained their cavaliers as bird dogs.

    It looked like something my puppy might enjoy once he grows up, has anyone here ever trained a hunting dog or have any idea where one would look for information on the subject?

    Given his penchant to chase down his stuffed pheasant and bring it back to me he certainly seems a natural.

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    I have a friend (in the UK) who trained her Cavalier as what we would call a gundog. When she was out shooting, one of the other guns said what couch potatoes Cavaliers are, and Dawn bet him she could train hers - and she won the bet! You should be able to find a book on gundog/bird dog training on Amazon, and why not ask around via a comment on those Youtube videos? Or ask at somewhere like your local library if anyone in your town trains and works spaniels and if there is, go and pick their brains. Good hunting!

    Kate and Ruby


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