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    Default Breeder dilemma

    Good morning everyone and a belated Happy New Year! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I have a question for you all. First off let me explain the title. My dilemma is breeder I'm considering (I still don't have my first fur baby because I was out of work for 17 months (right on my high school graduation day in 2014 up until November of last year) and various health issues in my family). Now I'm ready. Now for my question . This particular breeder is a woman who health tests her dogs and even goes so far as to show the pedigrees of her breeding stock on her website (I know it's not the same as the hard copy but I'm still impressed by her transparency). I've even spoken to her husband over the phone (she was taking care of the puppies ). She also told me yesterday in an email that I can ask her any questions on my mind. But something is bugging me. She has a few female breeding dogs from Ireland (from another breeder, she also breeds for smaller cavaliers (her smallest female isn't even 10lbs)) My question is, should these things worry me or am I just worried over nothing? Thank you all for your replies. I appreciate them.

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    Please ask for health certificates on parents. You want to see current heart, eyes, patella, maybe hips, dna test on episodic falling. MRI would be a good bonus. ask if grandparents are still heart clear. good luck.
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