I have two cavalier king charles from two supposedly reputable breeders. One very, very respected breeder, who is also a judge, was very confused during one of our conversations trying to remember how the father was for a particular little of puppies. Also, a neighbor had mentioned finding dead puppies in freezing cold water because the bitch was not given the appropriate care (likely a combination of urine and amniotic fluid). Bought a show quality bitch who did not mature an appropriate was for the show ring so I had her spayed. Never have gotten the papers in spite of previous requests and proof of the spay.

The second came from a less reputable breeder, but one from whom I purchased my first cavalier king charles who was beautiful, sound, brave, and friendly. However he died too soon during routine dental cleaning. I admit that I should have been more careful with this purchase, but was in such grief that I figured it would be okay. He's a good pup, except for the poor front, slight underbite and one testicle. However the personality is all I could want.

Anyway, when this is how reputable breeders run their business, how am I ever supposed to find another when these pass on - hopefully in a long, long time? Never had this problem when I showed and trained in another spaniel breed.

And why do breeders want someone home all day and yet their dogs sit in small kennels with only occasional outside visits? I guess it is do as I say, not as I do.

Dame K