Evening everyone, I just wanted your opinion about something. I contacted a breeder here in Florida about her puppies (actually I asked her those really hard important questions regarding her breeding).
Here's what I asked:
I was on your website looking at your recent litter and I just wanted to ask you some questions if I may. First, have both parents been cleared of heart disease by a Board Certified Cardiologist within the last 12 months? Second, do both parents have clearances for eye abnormalities by a Board Certified Ophthalmologist within the last 12 months? Third, do both parents have vet clearances for patella luxation within the last 12 months? Fourth, do both parents have hip clearances from the OFA? Fifth, have both parents been MRI'd for syringomyelia? Sixth, will you take the puppy back for any reason if I cannot keep it? Seventh, are you involved in rescue? Eighth, would I be able to meet the puppies parents? Ninth, are the puppies being raised in your home? Tenth, will you be available to answer any questions I may have for the life of the puppy? Thank you so very much for your reply.
And her reply back:
Christin, if you would read the site, all breeding pairs are OFA patella, eyes and cardiac certified, we can't be any clearer than that, The puppies leave here with a State of Florida health certificate, also on the site. We do rescue 'unofficially' we have rescued three this year alone. If for any reason you can't keep/maintain the pup, we want him/her back, also on the site. Puppies parents are on premises, also on the site. You may have been 'on' the website, but you didn't read it thoroughly. Health certifications do not come easy.
My final reply:
Ok. Well thank you anyway for your help and reply. (I wanted to tell her that I DID in fact read her website, but I wanted to hear(read) it from her directly. I also didn't want to start something)

What I want to know is, shouldn't she be HAPPY that I'm asking such informed questions and showing that I care as much for the breed as she does (just in a different way of course)?
P.S. I WON'T be contacting her again. She turned me off completely. Thank you all for your replies.