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Thread: Goodbye to message boards

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    Default Goodbye to message boards

    I think this message board has died. When I joined around 2008, my Sydney was just diagnosed with MVD. All the people here gave me advice and support to help me through the journey until he passed. I will never forget that. This board taught me about all the heredity and generic conditions that plague our precious Cavaliers. I will always grateful for that.

    But Facebook seems to have taken over now. I now have 2 cavaliers. BellaMia, my ruby will be 6 years old in August, and Milo, who is 4 years old. Milo has epilepsy and has had an MRI to confirm that. Sadly, it also confirmed mild SM/CM.

    I pray all of your Cavaliers are healthy and doing well. I will still check in here every now and then, but I know this board will never be as active as in the past.

    Joyce - Proudly owned & loved by

    BellaMia (Aug. 30, 2012) My Beautiful Ruby Milo (Jan. 20, 2014) My Handsome Tri
    Sydney (
    April 16, 2000~April 4, 2012) Always and Forever In My Heart

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    I know what you mean, and I don't do Facebook groups. This board was a great source of information and continues to be, so I hope it will never go away when I need to "search" a topic. Everyone here has always been very pleasant and friendly.

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    I'm another oldie who doesn't participate in FaceBook groups. Joyce, I'm so sorry to hear about Milo. Hopefully he can be controlled pretty well by medication, but it is a constant tweaking.
    For me too, this board was a lifesaver when Riley was diagnosed with SM and had her surgery. I hope I have paid forward all the help that I have received from the kind and generous people who spent the time to dialog with me.
    My two are now oldies - Oz is 11 and Maddie will be 15 in September (and doing well except for being deaf). I will have had 3 cavaliers who have made it to the age of 15! A tremendous feat!
    My best to all.
    Madison (ruby, born 9/2003), and Oz (tri-color, born 7/2007)
    In loving memory: Oliver (blenheim) 2001-2015; Riley (black & tan) 2002-2017

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    I do go on Facebook, though not so much these days and it is in no way as supportive as the forum was.

    It was great for me when Gus, Pippin and DJ were with me.
    You may know they all passed away and Pippin was the last one to go last November.
    I swore no more dogs but we took a little foster from Irish Cavalier rescue, which Karlin still runs and in fact I would never have known about it or had our precious DJ, only for it and this group.

    Well we have adopted our little foster girl. Her name is Millie, she is 8 years old.
    She is a beautiful little Ruby and definitely helping to heal my broken heart.
    She will never replace the boys, but has her own special place in my heart.

    I suppose it is sad the forum is so quiet, but I think things change, people move on.
    I will never forget those who have helped and given advice to me here and hope I helped too.

    In fact a lot of my friends on Facebook (I don't have many on my list, prefer it that way) are people I have met here and remain friends with 🙂

    Joyce, I hope Milo continues to do well. Pippin had epilepsy and other problems but lived to the ripe old age of 13 years and 9 months.

    Take care all xx
    In memory of :
    Gus(blenhiem) Nov 2001 - Dec 2015 Pippin Feb 2004-Nov 2017 (tri) DJ(ruby) June 2004 - Nov 2015


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