Hi all,
Does anyone have experience with brain damages? Khaleesi is almost five years old, and when she was 3 months old, she had an emergency surgery, because something got stuck in her intestines. She had difficulty waking up from the surgery, and she got extra oxygen.
She recovered fine, but she never learnt to "play", i.e. fetch, etc., and she became a bit timid and anxios - not the happy-go-lucky-puppy, she used to be. She doesn't have any physical reactions, other than getting nervous and a tendency to bite her legs, which we can always get her away from. Her nervous disposition can seem very clingy - she hugs us hard, and she gets anxious, if we don't cuddle her, when she wants us to.
She is fine with our other two dogs, and she is always happy about going to the vet, to the dog pension, the groomer etc.

So - really, there are no other symptoms than being nervous, timid and unable to play. But we still wonder whether she could have gotten a mild brain damage from lack of oxygen?

Our plans for her is just unconditional love.

Does anyone know something about it?

This week, Khaleesi was diagnosed with progressing deafness, and with beginning charataracs. This explains her weird behavior, and we are now going to teach her some basic signs and hand gestures. As long as she is otherwise healthy and can navigate with help from us and the two other dogs, she has a good life. She is only 5, and we hope to keep her for many years.

Best regards,