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Thread: Hi I'm glenda!

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    Default Hi I'm glenda!

    I am a retired teacher/media specialist (librarian). I was a high school librarian for 12 years, then taught grade 6 English, Math and Reading, then became a librarian again at the middle school level. Our library became automated in my time at the middle school. What a lot of work, but, oh, the benefits of computers in the media center! Many of my former students are Facebook friends; I love hearing about their lives. I retired 12 years ago (how can it be that long ago!). I had a Miniature Schnauzer, Ebony at the time who passed away at nearly age 18, a lovely dog. A friend saw a sign in a vet's office of Cavalier pups for sale. I didn't even know what a CKCS was, so had to look them up in the library! When I called about the pups, the breeder and I hit it off right away. The puppies were all sold, but they didn't want to do any more breeding and selling. They sold me their 2-year old Blenheim girl, Maggie Mae, the mother of the puppies. She was the sweetest thing from the very beginning, didn't make a sound when I loaded her into my car and took her home. What a good way to start with a dog, house-trained, well mannered, etc. She was sleeping in my bed before I could even think about it. About 9 years later, Maggie was getting older, so I thought a younger dog would help her keep going. I thought I was buying a ruby Cavachon, but after driving many miles, the breeder told me she was part Lhasa Apso, too. She was so cute, I paid the remainder and took her home. She was/ and is a cutie. The name I picked out for her fits perfectly, Tinker because she was quite a stinker! Maggie died just a month later of a mass in her abdomen. I was devastated but had puppy Tinker to care for. I was pining away for another Cavalier. A very reputable breeder just a few miles from me had a male tri. I wanted a female, but saw Riley and he became mine. He is two years old now and sweet like Cavaliers are. He doesn't have it quite down yet where outside is and does use the house for a bathroom. Frustrating, but he is getting better. And I wouldn't give either one up for the world. I fractured a vertebra in my neck years ago and have a tremor that affects my balance and also broke my left leg painting on a ladder, losing my balance. I don't walk my dogs often. I worry about that and about what food is best for them. Tinker has many allergies. This forum should help me out with those problems. I do a lot of flower gardening, mostly perennials, so weeding and dividing is mostly what I have to do. I'm a reader and have hundreds of books to prove that. Many are unread; I hope my eyes hold out! It's great to be a part of this group with people who love Cavaliers as I do and know more about their care. Thanks for your knowledge!

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    Welcome Glenda! This board is fairly quiet, and I only check it once a week, if that often. I'm so grateful Karlin has not taken it down!!! There is a great Search feature and lots of excellent links and articles on Cavalier health here.


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