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Thread: Agression in 11yr old Cavalier

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    Default Agression in 11yr old Cavalier

    Hi Everyone,
    Its with a heavy heart I find myself with awful situation at home with my trusty old pal Cooper.
    I have him since he fitted in my dressinggown pocket and I love him as much as the people in my life!
    We now have 3 children under 5yrs and my last baby is on the way. Cooper and our other dog Sadie have always been in a bustling house and have adjusted really well to big changes ie the arrival of the children , moving hse etc
    Over the past year cooper has been showing signs of low tolerence for kids antics, noise, our other dog and has been snapping at the kids and fighting with Sadie when shes on heat. He bit all 3 of the kids on one occasion each on theirs mouth and badly cut their lips. He had a rd accident last christmas and broke his pelvis so put it down to him being in pain but this is a huge issue because i cant put my kids at risk.
    Has anyone come across agression in their older pals? And if so is it possible to get their behaviour assesed?
    Happy New year to All
    proud owner of my handsome little ruby ckcs cooper and mr binks the cat

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    Hello, unfortunately this forum isn't very active lately. If you are on Facebook Cavalier Matters is a good source of information on health etc. for Cavaliers.
    I can certainly understand how worried you must be, especially regarding the children.
    Cavaliers or any dog really, wouldn't usually become aggressive in old age, unless something is wrong.
    My first instinct was that Cooper may be in pain, and then I read he had a road accident. I am guessing that he is definitely having pain, maybe from the accident or as a consequence of it, like some arthritis maybe.

    I would suggest a vet visit and in the meantime make sure the children know not to play with or near him, if he isn't in form. Make sure he has a safe place to chill away from the children and your other dog.
    You may have already seen the vet since you posted and have things sorted.
    If not that would be a priority now. Cavaliers are stoic little dogs and may not show pain until it is getting too much for them, hence the aggressive reaction.
    I hope you can find out what the problem is and if it is pain, then medication could help and make a big difference for Cooper and his comfort. Best of luck.
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