I can hardly believe today my little Sophie is 1. It seems like just yesterday that we were holding this little 3 lb darling in our hands praying she would get better. Do you all remember how sick she was? It was such a horrible time, but now we have our little darling.

And what a doll she is! She started agility last week and of course is afraid of nothing. All the big dogs... she walks right up to them and says "hi!" while the other two have always shyed away from other dogs. She was so fun watching because she wiggled and strolled her way through the tunnel just taking it all in.... she had no concept that she should go through it fast. She got better though!

She's such a smartie and is learning obedience and the new obstacles quickly. I've always considered her a few bricks short of a full load... but she's getting this so quickly

Happy birthday nuzzles from Sophie to all of you!