Cricket is back in the CGC class - we opted out of the last one because the test was when I went to the Atlanta CKCSC show.

I think she'll do well except for one thing. One of the tests is to have the dog surounded by two types of distractions. One the instructor has chosen is having someone pushing a patient in a wheelchair around the dog. No problem with that. but at the same time he throws a metal dish against the concrete wall of the training room.

I made the big mistake during the first session I was in, not to notice that Cricket was stressing after this was repeated over and over as we were waiting our turn. When it came her turn she was ready to bolt for the door and that would mean failure.

When I purposely drop a pain on the floor at home or when I'm over at my Mother's it doesn't bother her. She looks, but isn't bothered by it.

Tonight during class, I took her out to the hallway as they were practising this. She could still hear it and was OK with the first clang - and I kept trying to treat her per the instructors recommendation but after the second time she only wanted to hide behind my legs.

Any other thoughts how I can get her over this?