John Burns is a UK vet who has a well-respected line of dog and cat food in Europe (also available in the US), called Burns. Very good ingredients, etc. The other day while looking for some ingredients info I noticed he has a link to a PDF file which is his critique of the BARF (bones and raw food) diet.

Of all that is written on BARF that isn't totally accepting of arguments for the diet, this is certainly the most calm and considered. It is well worth reading whatever you think about the diet.

Basically he is not taking issue with people who want to feed BARF, or do home-cooked meals. He does, however, challenge Ian Billinghurst's assertions about the diet, which he feels are not consistent. Personally, I would agree with Dr Burns's assessment on these points -- which is why I am comfortable feeding a mix of raw, cooked, and good kibble.

The PDF is here:

There is also a text file downloadable here:

The site has some other great informational leaflets in this section too:

I enjoyed reading this because so many critiques are a bit on the hysterical side, and I felt this gave me something to think about that in the end, I agreed with, but you may not. Nonetheless it will help clarify your thinking if you do or don't feed BARF, I think. There's so little informed debate on this topic and it's especially rare to read something which isn't an attack on BARF, but a consideration and appraisal.