My first two with whom I shared my little house, calico sisters Jessie and Pippa who were rescue cats from a farm in Sligo (homeland of poet William Butler Yeats):

The next addition, this little man Ambrose who was dumped in a box in an industrial estate at 5 weeks with his brother. He still looks as solemn now that he's a big mushy 10 lb tom, like a soft piece of black velvet:

Jaspar and Ambrose, as Ambrose got bigger...

And Uncle Ambrose today, who likes nothing better than minding tiny foster kittens icon_heartthrob :

Though Uncle Jaspar is pretty good with kittens too (they make very soft pillows! :

The next to join was Maisie, found cowering in a nearby doorway when I was out walking Jaspar. She'd been hit by a car and her head was like a grapefruit. Here she is relaxing next to Jaspar. Like all torties, NO one messes with Da Lady! She has quiet presence:

And finally there's Quincy, the three-legged cat. Quincy is Jaspar's personal cat:

Everyone loves Quincy! He is the most loving cat to everyone and has a big personality -- even the calico sisters, who look with disdain on new arrivals, will both curl up with Quincy. I have to check the house when friends leave to make she he hasn't been spirited away as everyone wants him. icon_cat

This is one of my favourite pictures -- Uncle Ambrose offering Quincy a little advice shortly after his arrival.

It's a pretty full house! Leo mostly ignores the cats or gives them a little brief chase now and then. He likes Quincy best because sometimes Quincy chases him up and down the stairs, and Leo loves to be chased...