Further to Cathy's photos of Shelby - thanks for posting those - I thought I'd tell you about Peaches' imminent surgery:

Peaches is the Tricolour in the avatar picture - she is 6 1/2, and is on her third home - although I know her original breeder and know much of her background.

We discovered last year that Peaches has luxating patellas {both sides} and hip dysplasia. We were concerned that she may need surgery, but have been managing her with complementary medicine. Over the last couple of months, she hasn't seemed as comfortable - not wanting to run, jump etc. {Peaches does not have any clinical signs of Syringomyelia, and we do not suspect this at all}

Last week we went down to the vet at Inverness - 1 1/2 hours drive - as our local vet does not do this type of surgery. {They deal with mainly farm animals and some pets, but not many Cavaliers or toy breeds!}

We suspected that she would need the surgery, but were disappointed to have it confirmed.

The first surgery will be on the right knee - that leg is slightly shorter than the other one where she is holding it awkwardly, which is also affecting her back and hips. Probably she will need surgery on the other knee too - once the first one settles.

The vet is talking about both deepening the groove for the patella to ride in, and transplanting the tibial crest and pinning it into position {so that the ligament would be in the correct place}.

If Peaches does have both procedures, she will have to stay in for most of the week - mainly as we are so far away, the vet wants to make sure the pins settle ok. We have booked her in for 21st March, she will have x-rays and then will go on to surgery.

It is a fantastic practice - we really liked the receptionist and the vet. They are very understanding about the distance we are travelling - normally you would go back for x-rays, and then again for surgery.

Peaches will need to be cage rested for about 8 weeks following surgery - poor little soul.

Please think of Peaches on the 21st and afterwards, and of Rupert, as he will miss his companion. Thank you.