Thanks for all the good wishes and positive thoughts, they are much appreciated and I know they are working - Peaches is eating, bright and happy, enjoying little walks in the yard at the vets. They are really pleased with her progress, and we are hoping to pick her up on Friday. The staff at the vets have fallen in love with her, and it sounds like she is getting lots of attention and cuddles - she won't want to come home!!

That was the good news - the bad news is what the vet found when they x-rayed and operated.

Firstly Peaches has hip dysplasia - graded moderate. They don't usually operate on small dogs once they are adult - Peaches is 6 1/2. The vet thinks that once her knee is healed, she will be more comfortable, and may just have to have anti-inflammatory drugs for her hips. Basically she will develop early arthritis, which we will have to manage.

Secondly the knee joint was much worse than anticipated. The patella should run in a groove with ridges either side. The groove was virtually non-existent, and one ridge was missing; the other was present but small. The vet has created a groove for the patella, and has carried out a tibial crest transplant – which involves moving the piece of bone the ligament attaches too, and wiring it into position. This should encourage the patella to ride in the correct direction.

The surgery went well, and hopefully no further operations will be required on that knee, unless the wires cause discomfort – however the operation to remove those is quite straightforward.

This is the most extreme surgery they carry out on patellas, and the vet wants to make sure everything has settled and that there are no signs of infection before Peaches comes home.

We are not sure yet about the other knee – she may need surgery for that too.

The vet described the whole of her rear end as a “disaster” – these problems are both hereditary and congenital.

Please can I urge you that if you are thinking of breeding from your Cavalier, you ask the vets to check the patellas – and if possible, have the hips x-rayed and scored. I wouldn’t want other Cavaliers to go through what poor Peaches is going through.

I’m sorry for not posting sooner – I was rather upset by the news. I will let you know when Peaches comes home and post a photo.

Karlin, yes we did have a bit of an early start - had to leave home before 7.30am, to get to the vets for 9am. I think Peaches was first on the vets list!