Audrey seems to be at a particularly challenging stage. She is almost 11 months old. Lately, she has been very bossy, barking for food, to play, go outside (not to potty-just for fun), etc. I ignore her or make her request properly (sit down and stay). She also chewing at our rugs again which she had stopped doing. I know that she is vying for attention. It is a very busy time for both me and my husband at work so she is not getting as much time with us. That will get better after April 15 (husband is an accountant). Is this also fairly normal for her age? She has always had a spunky personality but I don't want her bossiness to get out of control. Any suggestions for developing better manners will be appreciated. I am planning to take her to more advanced obedience school this summer. Also once all our snow melts exersizing her will be easier.