I took my 4 to the dag park today. What a blast!!! When we got there, there was 1 other Cav. Mine just run to greet him So cute. I sat with the owner, and a little later, in comes this man with a Charlie! He was a b&T and so cute!! His tail had been docked and his face was a lot more squashed in, but he came over to also meet the gang . Before the Charlie, the owner had a Cav. He likes the Cav's much better and wants a female. When I told him that Angel was a rescue, he wanted to know how he could get a rescue. So Chris & Kat, if you get an application from a man in Texas, it might be him. He did make the statement that there were no Cav puppy mills. I did correct him on this, quickly!! LOL

Lilly sat in my lap the whole time. She was a little scared. KC & Angel stayed close, but sociable. BOSLEY is the Walmart Greeter He would jump up in stranger's laps and just sit down. I kept having to call him to stay with us. He always came, but then would go back to strangers It was a gorious day, 70's, and so much fun. Try it, you'll like it!!!