Had the boys out in the park yesterday afternoon and they were chasing their favourite tennis ball while we walked. Unfortunately Leo ran right in front of the ball as it was coming down and it whacked him in the eye, poor little man. He was not very happy and this morning he was holding his eye slightly shut so took him in to the vet.

Fortunately it is just bruising around the eye and the white of the eye but no damage to the eye itself ( I knew it was hurting him around the eye as he was not happy to have me try to touch anywhere around the eye socket). He got a painkiller injection in his little behind and will get Metacam for the week. Just as I am going away tomorrow for 10 days or so; I feel really bad but am glad I had him checked out by the vet just in case. Such a fluke accident; he wasn;t even chasing the ball, but chasing Jaspar chasing the ball. So he wasn't really watching where it was coming down.

So this isn't really a question, more just a comment. Leo's such a brave man, not a peep out of him from the injection and he's always so tolerant even when he is very uncertain of what is going on.